Central Office

It is in Petrolina and has 30 employees of the highest competence who serve the administrative, financial, accounting, IT, HR and Commercial areas. It gives support to all farms and provides access to banks, suppliers, customers and producers.







Cold-storage Chamber/ Petrolina

It is a structure of 5.000m². and is located 10km from the center of Petrolina, on to road to Recife City. This unit was built strategically to facilitate the logistics of buying and selling the fruits of the best producers in the region who have partnered with GVS COMPANY, we are also service provider, cooling and storaging fruits for several companies producer in the region. On average, we work with 60 highly qualified employees. They are prepared to provide advice to our producers on their farms or lots. They help producers with the sale of fruits for domestic and foreign markets. Our storage-cold chamber with 6 with pre-cooling tunnels and 6 individualized cold-storage chamber with a cooling capacity of 1,000 pallets. Those tunnels and cold-storage chambers are electronically monitored 24 hours a day guaranteeing an optimal quality on the preserving of fruits within the quality standards required by national and international markets.




Vale do Sol Farm

With a total area of 240 hectares, it is in the municipality of Casa Nova, Bahia. That city is 70 km far from Petrolina, Pernambuco. It has been producing grapes since 1994 and generates 200 direct jobs in the growing of grapes and mangoes on a regular basis. 100 acres of it are irrigated. It is notable for being the leader of the developmental group of research and achieves high levels of productivity in ton capacity per hectare.








Sereníssima Farm

It is in the municipality of Lagoa Grande, Pe with a total area of 724 hectares. It is 70 km far from Petrolina. It has produced grapes since 1998. It generates around 350 direct jobs between harvests and 800 during the growing season. They work on different types of grape.

The farm has an advanced and modern packing house and a modern cold-storage chamber capable of storing 400 pallets of grapes. We highlight the technology used in our state-of-art irrigation system and the use of seedlings imported from Bari, Italy, the world center of excellence in genetically free of virus modified grapes.

In the Serenissima farm, we are developing new products such as olive, pear, persimmon and apple, as well as new varieties of grapes.