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The SESTR is promoting the vaccination of employees. We have taken the first dose of hepatitis B vaccine and Tetanus account. In August, we will take the second dose, and the third one in September. Soon we will have the vaccination campaign against influenza.


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foto noticia1Always thinking about the evolution of its employees, GVS COMPANY invests in collaborative education, natural and necessary tendencies to be exchanged and the dissemination of knowledge. One way to encourage the creation of this culture is giving credibility and confidence in the processes of training and educating trainees through the involvement of employees. And no one better than the employees themselves to recognize and legitimate such representatives. Thus, we adopted the project - Show Your Talent – with the aim of applying and highligting the various skills of our employees and to encourage multipliers in disseminating their knowledge in order to provide learning to other colleagues with the Discovery Program skills and talents.