The São Francisco Valley is an agricultural region bathed by the São Francisco river. Its main cities are Juazeiro, Bahia, and Petrolina, Pernambuco. It gathers privileged features globally recognized for the cultivation of irrigated fruit, resulted by a successful combination of water, sun, low humidity, fertile land, public and private investments.

With an irrigable area of about 250,000 hectares, with 40% of it still to be grown, the region grows rapidly and invests heavily in advance of fruit production and packing capacity. It is a unique region because of its two harvests per year. It has offered its producers, after more than two decades of efforts, a promising horizon to conquer new and larger markets.

Adequate infrastructure, technology, cropland expansion and safe mercantil partners are, nowadays, factors that add to the São Francisco Valley high attractiveness for new investments.

And it is in this particular environment, conducive to great achievements that GVS COMPANY has been operating for almost two decades developing activities and projects in partnership with diverse entrepreneurs, applying its vision and resources in fulfilling the task of summing up the river, its man, the land, seed, sun and technology.