GVS COMPANY was created in 1994 with the acquisition of a mango farm and two grape farms. Since then, it has implemented an excellent modern structure in the growing of grapes aided by high-tech packaging and logistics to always achieve the expectations of the best customers in the domestic as well as international markets.

The owners of the GVS COMPANY live in Milan, Italy.

They are Italian entrepreneurs and are successful in the food and catering branch. Cusin´s family decided to invest first in Brazil to acquire, in May 2012, 100% of the shares and control of the GVS COMPANY. Since then it has been investing heavily in production, renewal of plants, different varieties of table grapes as well as improving the drainage and irrigation of the farms.

The owners chose to lay a solid foundation, with innovations that enable cost reduction and especially, in the motivation of the whole team of employees.


To provide quality and healthy products for consumers who care about the welfare, health and environmental conservation to protect natural resources for future generations.


A company to be international market as a model of excellence in the São Francisco Valley while always acting with social and enviromental responsibility



We are guided by clear values and standards. These are promulgated in our corporate purpose and are detailed in a practical way in our code of business principles. We should emphasize that our customers also give us feedback on the quality of our products. Our survival depends on satisfying the needs of consumers, employees, shareholders, society and the exercise of the values we believe in. They are:
Commitment to excellence, quality and return on capital;
Preservation of the environment;
Professional and social development of our employees;
Continuous improvement of our processes.