GVS COMPANY has lately partnered with large and renowned American and European nurseries that develop new varieties of grapes to better serve their customers with the goal of providing the best quality fruit throughout the year.

Internal Market:

GVS COMPANY works with major wholesalers, distribution centers, food, agribusiness and distributors of the main capitals of Brazil. Large supermarket chains are also our partners. The domestic market has increased demand and is of fundamental importance for GVS COMPANY because we can produce and sell all year around.

International Market:

Selected customers chosen during many years of experience and relationship made GVS COMPANY a respected company in major markets due to 25 years of great seriousness, quality of products and service. It sells to major distributors in Europe, UK, Scandinavia and the United States, strategic markets for the sale of half of the company's production in the all year round as there is little supply from other countries producer of table grapes.